Todd B. Richter’s Gift To The Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Todd B. Richter (MBA ’81), one of Wall Street’s leading analysts in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, provided an estate commitment to the Kelley School – valued at over $5 million.

The Todd B. Richter Fund establishes and supports five endowments:

  • Two professorships, awarded to faculty members of with extensive experience in the field of securities analysis
  • Graduate fellowships, presented to Kelley students with an active interest in the study of finance and/or securities analysis
  • Support of the Graduate Finance Department
  • Support of the Dean’s Office
  • An endowment that directs any remaining residue of the bequest to be equally divided among the other four designations

“Todd Richter, through his extraordinary generosity and passionate support, actively lives out all the values that the Kelley School holds dear,” says Dean Daniel C. Smith. “His gifts of time and talent to the school are far-reaching. Todd leads one of our School’s most active and important corporate recruiting teams, mentors aspiring students, has actively exchanges research ideas with our professors, serves on the Reese Fund board and serves as a judge in case competitions. The Richter Fund embraces the qualities of these gifts and will ensure that future generations of the Kelley community will come to know Todd and be inspired to engage with the School as he has done and continues to do.”

Todd is a Managing Director in the global healthcare investment banking group at Bank of America. He heads the group’s financial sponsor coverage effort and is also responsible for the development of key transactions that are a result of important strategic and financial trends. Prior to assuming this role, Todd was head of the firm’s healthcare research group and served as a senior research analyst on health insurance/managed care, specialty health benefits and an array of healthcare providers and distributors.

Prior to joining Bank of America in 1999, Richter spent 18 years at Morgan Stanley directing that firm’s healthcare services equity research effort and actively covering all subsectors of the healthcare services field.

“Todd is one of the Kelley School’s most strategic and thoughtful donors”, adds Rick Dupree, Executive Director of Development. “He knows the School inside out, having been an active recruiter of our talent and dedicated alumnus for many years. He knew precisely what he wanted to do with his gift to the Kelley School. Together, we crafted an agreement that married his philanthropic intent with some of the School’s most important initiatives.”

Todd Richter received his undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary in 1979. He currently serves as a member of the Kelley School Dean’s Council and is an active member of the Kelley Alumni Association’s Metropolitan New York chapter. He is a member of the Indiana University Foundation’s Arbutus Society, and was named 17 times an “All-American Analyst” by the Institutional Investor’s Annual Survey as well as an “All-Star Analyst” by the Wall Street Journal.

Todd B. Richter Wants To Be the Best, While Also Praising Those Responsible

Todd B. Richter

Todd B. Richter has been considered one of the most prolific and successful healthcare industry analysts on Wall Street for many years now, but there is a lot more to him than financial success and making a lot of money. As one example, his philanthropic side has led to Todd’s creation of a $5 million endowment to the College of William & Mary’s golf team, which is sufficient to keep them solvent forever.

In addition, Todd set up another $5 million endowment for the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, to provide them the funds to support professors, graduate fellowships, and several other activities designed to support the school for generations. Todd B. Richter has been considered one of the most prolific and successful healthcare industry analysts on Wall Street for many years now, but there is a lot more to him than financial success and making a lot of money. As one example, his philanthropic side has led to Todd’s creation of a $5 million endowment to the College of William & Mary’s golf team, which is sufficient to keep them solvent forever. In addition, he set up another $5 million endowment for the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, to provide them the funds to support professors, graduate fellowships, and several other activities designed to support the school for generations.

Todd Richter has always been passionate in his support of education for the financial analysts who will keep his industry solid for generations to come. The Dean of the Kelley School has heaped great praise on the value of the Richter Fund, saying the effects of the Fund on the Kelley School’s solvency are “far-reaching” and that the money goes a long way to making sure the Kelley School stays healthy and productive for years. He has stated his belief that his gift will “ensure that future generations of the Kelley community will come to know Todd and be inspired to engage with the School as he has done and continues to do.” That’s not exactly feint praise; it shows that Todd Richter’s aim of keeping the pipeline of financial analysts to Wall Street will continue for generations.

These days, Todd Richter works at the Bank of America, as a managing director of their healthcare investment group. From that perch, he leads the group when it comes to financial sponsor coverage, but he also develops investments and other transactions that fulfill what the bank feels are key financial trends and important strategies. He also spent a lot of time (He has been with Bank of America for nearly a quarter-century) as a senior research analyst on health insurance and managed care issues. Before that, he served largely the same role with Morgan Stanley for 18 years. That means his career trajectory has been steady for abut four decades. That makes him one of the best analysts in the industry, and the accolades he’s received have been deserved.

A Well-Educated Financial Businessman, Todd Richter

Todd B. Richter

Before embarking upon what would be a quite successful career in the financial sector of healthcare, Todd Richter earned a prestigious education at two renowned schools.

For his undergraduate years, Richter studied at the College of William & Mary, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. This premier public research university was founded in 1693 by King William II and Queen Mary II, for whom the school was named. Its reputation is significant as William & Mary is the ninth-oldest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world and the second oldest within the United States. Richter studied at William & Mary in the late 1970s and played on the school’s golf team under Coach Joe Agee. Richter attributes this golf team to his successes in business. Richter graduated in 1979.

He also attended the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. This undergraduate and graduate school in Indianapolis, Indiana, was founded in 1920 and has produced many success stories, including Richter. He graduated from here in 1981 with his Masters in Business Administration.

To both alma maters, Todd Richter gives back considerably. He donates time and expertise regularly toward up-and-coming students, golfers and professors. He also recently opened his wallet to provide each institution with a $5 million endowment toward future opportunities in education and sport.

Todd Richter Likes to Give Back Whenever Possible

Todd B. Richter

Most people who know Todd B. Richter know him primarily because of his role as the managing director of the global healthcare investment group at Bank of America. Todd has been with Bank of America since 1999, which means he has more than two decades with them. However, even before then, he served as a key analyst with Morgan Stanley for about 18 years. During his time with Morgan Stanley, he served as their director of research healthcare equity services, including those that covered every conceivable subsection of the healthcare industry.

At Bank of America now, Todd Richter leads their efforts to develop programs to make sure one of the world’s largest banks can keep up their success by following many of the most important and notable financial strategies and trends. Previously he assumed his current position with Bank of America, he served as the leader of their Healthcare research group, as well as a senior research analyst in the areas of health insurance and managed care, as well as a large number of major healthcare providers and distributors.

As is almost always the case for highly-skilled financial specialists, Todd Richter has plenty of education to fall back on. In fact, it’s enough education to make his employer and the clients who depend on him even better. His knowledge helps make them more efficient and/or profitable, and they are usually quite satisfied with their choice to rely on his advice. Todd Richter’s educational journey started when he earned an undergraduate degree in 1979 from the College of William and Mary. These days, he serves as a member if the Dean’s Council for the Kelley School and he also plays a critical role in the New York City chapter of the Kelley School Alumni Association. In addition, he is a member of the Arbutus Society of the Indiana University. Todd also has been honored as an “All-American Analyst” designation at least 17 times and he has been named as an “All-Star Analyst” numerous times, as well. That group is named by the Wall Street Journal annually, so it’s accurate to say that Todd Richter has been living up to his excellent reputation.




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Todd B. Richter Maintaining A Link To The College of William & Mary

“Maintaining a Link to the College”

Almost 30 years since he graduated, Todd Richter ’79 maintains strong ties to his alma mater. It’s a relationship that he attributes to his time on the William & Mary golf team and on the links. Earlier this year, Richter demonstrated his appreciation for his William & Mary experience with an estate commitment presently valued at more than $5 million, which will endow the men’s and women’s golf programs in perpetuity.

Like all of the College’s athletic programs, men’s and women’s golf receives no state money, and the endowment will provide in perpetuity for such specific needs as coaches’ salaries, scholarships for student-athletes and funds for each program’s operating budget. “This gift is an extraordinary commitment from a former student-athlete who fully appreciates the life-influencing experience that participation in intercollegiate athletics at the College of William & Mary can provide for our student-athletes,” says Director of Athletics Terry Driscoll. “The gift will insure the William & Mary Golf program will continue to provide a tremendous competitive golf opportunity for our future student-athletes.”

Richter himself is grateful for his experiences competing for legendary coach Joe Agee ’52, M.Ed. ’56, an emeritus professor of kinesiology and Marine colonel who taught at William & Mary for many years. “I attribute a lot of my business career success to the discipline I developed as a student and as a golfer at William & Mary,” he says. “Joe had — and still has — an enormous influence on my life, as does golf in general.” According to Richter, the competitive edge realized through golf can be particularly important for young people, especially business majors. “Being successful in business requires that you be an effective competitor,” he says. “Being able to focus under pressure, or, as Coach Agee used to tell us, to ‘set your priorities,’ is key. Athletics helps you hone your competitive instincts beyond just the intellectual experiences you get in the classroom.”

Returning to campus almost every year since he graduated, Richter likes to meet current students and engage them both in the classroom and on the golf course. Likewise, many students visit him in New York, exploring careers in finance and banking. Richter hopes that his commitment, as well as commitments from other members of the golf team, will give students the kind of experiences he had in school, allowing them to be successful after graduation. “At William & Mary, there is the clear understanding that golf and all other athletic programs are college sports,” he explains. “All students go to the College to get a world-class education; we’re all there because it’s a world-class academic institution. Those who are fortunate enough to participate in an athletic program learn very quickly that it is a very special place to be a student-athlete.”

Defining Charity

The most popular and well-known landmark in New York has to be the Statue of Liberty. A gift bestowed upon the people of this great nation, over a century ago, from those of another, France. Since 1886, “Lady Liberty” defines everything synonymous with this great country, such as, liberty, equality and freedom, but for so many, it means refuge from a prior life with the hope and likely pursuit of a better one. About then years later, the French bestowed another gift to New Yorkers, and it is a gift that keeps giving. One whose ideals are based on the centuries old practices of Barrone d’Herpents’Dog Refuge in Paris and delivered to this country by an individual who didn’t even have the right to vote, a woman named Mrs. Flora D’Auby Jenkins Kibbe.

Barrone d’Herpents’Dog Refuge had a very simple model: take stray animals off the streets of Paris and care for them while looking for their “forever homes”. The conventional approach of that era was to simply drown the animals in order to euthanize them. At the turn of the 19th Century, Mrs. Kibbe was overwhelmed with what she saw and brought this novel concept back to America where she created her own version of it. In 1903, Bide-A-Wee Home Association was created in a small building by her Manhattan home. By 1909, the building was the home of over 200 dogs and lots of complaints from the neighbors due to the barking of the animals. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kibbe was forced to leave that location, but it did not stop her from saving the animals, or her passion of helping them. Over the next few years there was no established residence for Bideawee, but she managed to find local shelters to watch over the animals while she worked tirelessly to find a permanent location for her charity.

Through her hard work and determination, Bideawee landed its forever home on 410 East 38th Street, Manhattan. It has served as the first step of the recovery process for many of these displaced animals ever since. With the opening of its two locations in Long Island, Bideawee has grown and transformed into one of the most reputable charities in the New York Area. This article not only concentrates on Bideawee as a standalone institution, but also on one of its most famous rescues, “Henry” and his incredible journey from the streets of Memphis to the billboards of Times Square. One very cold night in early January, Jason Howard and I learned about a free concert being held in Times Square. It wasn’t your usual concert … this one was for the dogs of New York City! Being a dog lifestyle brand, we knew that we had to cover the event. We thought we would go, capture some stunning photos and deliver a candid review of the event, but thankfully, life is never that simple. One of the dogs that was photographed happened to be Henry, the cute face that most New Yorkers who frequent midtown has seen hanging on billboards with clever quotes promoting the Bideawee charity. One of those billboards happen to be above the concert that evening. As his dad says, “He is the Johnny Depp of dogs, a real scruff muffin.”, and we couldn’t agree more. This little four year old Shih Tzu mix also has the ultimate rags to riches story which has every circumstance and emotion needed to become a best seller.

Henry was sick with many stomach problems, badly malnourished and sitting on death row at a shelter in Memphis when Bideawee found him and his sister. The little guy literally had 24 hours to live. As luck would have it, his dad, who’s the Vice Chairman of a major global investment banking firm and responsible for the animal health field, was at Bideawee the day of his arrival for a business meeting. This coincidence was the end of a nightmare and the beginning of a fairytale for “Henry”, as he was one of those animals whom Todd would see while inspecting the shelter. Todd immediately felt in love with the dog. Henry rehabilitated at the hospital while waiting for his new forever home at Mr. Richter’s beautiful midtown apartment high in the sky.

Three very important notes about Bideawee which separates them from other shelters around the country, 1) They do not just take the best-looking animals or the ones who they think will be adopted immediately. The charity truly loves all animals, especially those in real need. 2) Not only do they serve as a no kill shelter, but more importantly, they function as a hospital for both the general public’s pets, as well as their own adoptable animals. 3) They do not blindly endorse their adoptees. All animals are given behavioral and physical evaluations to point out their strengths and weaknesses as well as any red flags that a new parent should be aware of prior to adopting the animal.

After hearing the story, we immediately agreed that we would like to do an editorial on Henry, in order to share his story and show that if someone such as Todd has time to donate his time and money towards this incredible charity, then no one should have an excuse about doing something that is morally correct and the premise of cooperative society as whole. As February approached, NYCDogswag had given its commitment to participate in the Anthony Rubio Design’s NYFW runway show, and we immediately started thinking about how we could incorporate some of our favorite charities into the event. Bideawee was a clear favorite in regard to the type of charity we would like to include, an Henry was a no brainer as a dog model to walk that runway and represent the charity. His dad being the generous man that he is, enlisted Bideawee as the co-host of our after party, so they could get as much exposure as possible. He is a man who takes very little credit for the charity work he does, so we feel it is up to us to praise him and his selfless effort. On February 14th, Henry made his runway debut, and based on the comments from the photos of Henry at the show, it is safe to assume that he was a fan favorite.

February 24th, NYCDogswag finally returned to Bideawee for a meeting with Leslie Granger, Chief External Relations officer, which was followed by a second tour of its’ establishment hosted by our buddy, Henry. Leslie was as kind as always, and her first comment was to tell us that there were not that many dogs for us to photograph, since 18 had been adopted over the last week or so! It was so refreshing to see a senior executive of a charity reference the work first. We spoke about the new van. The face of the bus looked very similar to that little dog we have been referencing throughout the article. It was indeed Henry. The charity will be creating unique events throughout the spring and summer promoting the charity, and they will be displaying their adoptable around New York in the hopes of finding them forever homes.

The tour ended and Mr. Richter and Henry had one more surprise of us. We left Bideawee and got a firsthand view of how much Henry’s life has changed since his days in on the winter streets of Memphis. As we arrived at their residence, a doorman came with an umbrella to the car so neither of their inhabitants would get wet. Upon entering, everyone was saying hello to Henry first. You could see that he was considered as quite the celebrity and as much of a human as any other individual on two legs. We approached the front desk, a 60 foot long marble counter, and little Henry was greeted by every concierge there. He pranced around that counter as elegantly as he did the runway a week earlier.

Our final destination was the bar at the building, a very classy, high-end establishment. It was something that falls right in line with where you would imagine an individual of Toods’s position would reside. Henry was right at home. Everyone there knew the little guy, and he was more than comfortable sitting on a bar stool while enjoying the attention and giving love to all the people surrounding him. This was the last image of the evening but not of this story.

Our relationship with Bideawee, as well as their best pup, Henry, will continue to expand. This is one story that will only get better as time goes on. NYCDogswag absolutely loves this charity and the great people that, not only work there, but also who stand proud and praise the name of this charity and their one-hundred plus years of hard work.