Todd Richter, a distinguished alumnus of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, holds a revered position in the world of finance and healthcare analysis. Graduating with his MBA in 1981, Richter’s journey from Kelley School graduate to a leading Wall Street analyst in healthcare spans over two decades.

Richter’s deep appreciation for his alma mater is evident through his commitment to giving back. Recently, he pledged a substantial endowment of over $5 million to the Kelley School, designated for both current and future initiatives. This generous estate commitment is channeled into five specific areas within the business school.

Firstly, it offers essential financial support to two pivotal departments within the Kelley School: the Dean’s Office and the graduate finance department. Additionally, Richter’s endowment establishes and sustains two distinguished professorships, intended for faculty members specializing in securities analysis, the very field in which Richter has excelled.

Furthermore, Richter’s endowment facilitates the provision of graduate fellowships, fostering the growth of students with a keen interest in finance and securities analysis. In a testament to his commitment to his alma mater, any remaining funds from the endowment are allocated among the previously mentioned funding categories, ensuring a comprehensive impact on the Kelley School of Business. Todd Richter’s contribution stands as a testament to the enduring bond between alumni and their educational institutions.