Todd Richter

Todd Richter, a distinguished financial analyst, embodies the fusion of educational excellence and professional achievement. Graduating from the College of William and Mary in the Class of ’79, Richter maintains strong ties to his alma mater, alongside his graduate institution, the Kelley School at Indiana University, where he launched his esteemed business career. The Todd Richter Fund serves as a testament to his commitment, providing resources to enhance financial education initiatives at the Kelley School, ensuring the perpetuation of his legacy and the empowerment of future business leaders.

Richter’s formidable reputation as a financial analyst, particularly within the healthcare sector, is unparalleled. Serving as a stalwart analyst at Bank of America since 1999, Richter’s expertise spans over two decades, enriching the institution with his profound knowledge and experience. Beyond his sterling business acumen, Richter is acclaimed for his philanthropic efforts, notably founding and overseeing the Bideawee Todd Richter Foster Program, dedicated to promoting the fostering and adoption of rescue animals.

During his illustrious 18-year tenure at Morgan Stanley before joining Bank of America, Richter honed his skills and held pivotal roles, including director of research for healthcare equity services, covering various segments of the healthcare industry. Richter’s prominence as a financial specialist is highlighted by numerous prestigious accolades, including being honored as an “All-American Analyst” on 17 occasions and as an “All-Star Analyst,” a distinction bestowed by the esteemed Wall Street Journal. His illustrious career trajectory underscores his unwavering dedication to excellence and his enduring commitment to making a meaningful impact in the realm of financial analysis.