Todd Richter

For a great many years now, Todd Richter has been considered among the most prolific and successful securities analysts on Wall Street, especially in the area of healthcare. However, most who actually know him understand well, there is a lot more to him than financial success and making money for others. As one example, he has a philanthropic side that has led to Todd’s creation of a $5 million endowment to the College of William & Mary’s golf team. This endowment should serve to keep the team solvent forever, but it will do so for several decades, at least. Todd Richter also set up another $5 million endowment for the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, which was intended to provide them with enough funding to support professors, graduate fellowships, and several other activities designed to keep the pipeline of future financial analysts fir generations.Todd Richter has always been passionate in his support of education for the financial analysts who will keep his industry solid for generations to come.

The Dean of the Kelley School has heaped great praise on the value of Todd Richter’s largesse, especially in the form of the Richter Fund. The Dean said the effects of the Fund on the Kelley School’s solvency are “far-reaching” and that the money goes a long way to making sure the Kelley School stays healthy and productive for years. He has stated his belief that his gift will “ensure that future generations of the Kelley community will come to know Todd and be inspired to engage with the School as he has done and continues to do.” That’s not exactly feint praise; it shows that Todd Richter’s aim of keeping the pipeline of financial analysts to Wall Street will continue for generations.

These days, Todd Richter works at the Bank of America, where he has been a managing director of their healthcare investment group since 1999, which means he has more than two decades experience from that position. From there, he leads the group when it comes to financial sponsor coverage, but he also develops investments and other transactions that fulfill what the bank feels are key financial trends and important strategies. He also spent a lot of time as a senior research analyst on health insurance and managed care issues. Before that, he served largely the same role with Morgan Stanley for 18 years. That means his career trajectory has been steady for abut four decades. That makes him one of the best analysts in the industry, and the accolades he’s received have been deserved.